субота, 28. мај 2011.

My City!


For all of you that don't know were that is, it is on planet Earth in continent Europe, Balkans, country Serbia. The capital of Serbia, and my city with a soul! There is no place like home in my case, belive me. I have been traveling a lott, been in Europe and Asia, from Paris to Dubai and they are all beautiful places, but non of them have a soul. Here, the moment when you touch the ground you can feel it, it is indescribable! You have to see\feel it to belive it! Lively people, always happy no matter what is the curent situation here. Always has something to see,what to do. Best known for partying and nightlife! For more details on Belgrade, please clik here - Wikipedia - Belgrade. And now injoy the pictures ;)


bisous bisous

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  1. Moj grad!<3
    Odlican post.Pogledaj obovezno ove slike,ja sam odusevljena

  2. :( nostalgija
    prepoznao sam neke slike i mjesta, kao što je brankov most, arena, aerodrom, terazije :) skadarlija <3 nisam ti pričao da sam jednom dok je kiša padala ja sam trčao skadarlijom i pao ;) sve u svemu beograd će mi uvijek ostati u srcu

  3. @Slavica : <3
    @Tinamaxima : hvalaa :)
    @SHB : Hvalaaa :) Joj odgledao sam i ostao bez daha! Extra je! :)
    @Marija : Hvalaa :)
    @Dino : Awww lepe uspomene :)

  4. divne su ti fotografije !Ponosna sam na svoj grad koji uvek stavljam na prvo mesto


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